OpenXR Mixed Reality samples for Unity



These sample projects showcase how to build Unity applications for HoloLens 2 or Mixed Reality headsets using the Mixed Reality OpenXR plugin. For more details on installing related tools and setting up a Unity project, please reference the plugin documentation on

NOTE: This repository uses Git Large File Storage to store large files, such as Unity packages and images. Please install the latest git-lfs before cloning this repo.

NOTE: Features using AR Raycasts and AR Planes require the latest preview OpenXR runtime, which can be enabled using the OpenXR Developer Tools for Windows Mixed Reality. To install this app, search for "OpenXR" in the Microsoft Store app on HoloLens 2.

Recommend to run these samples on HoloLens 2 using following version of tools:

  • Latest Visual Studio 2019
  • Unity 2020.3.6f1 LTS, or later
  • Unity OpenXR plugin 1.1.1, or later
  • Mixed Reality OpenXR plugin 0.9.3, or later
  • MRTK Unity 2.7.0-preview.4, or later
  • Windows Mixed Reality Runtime 106 (preview), or later

Sample for anchors and anchor persistence

AnchorsSample.cs in the ARAnchor scene demos the usage of ARFoundation to create free-world anchors, and the usage of the XRAnchorStore to persist these anchors between sessions.

Sample for hand tracking

Sample for eye tracking

FollowEyeGaze.cs in the Interaction scene demos using Unity Feature Usages to obtain eye tracking data.

Sample for locatable camera

LocatableCamera.cs in the LocatableCamera scene demos the setup and usage of the locatable camera.

Sample for ARFoundation compatibility

Scenes ARAnchor, ARRaycast, ARPlane, and ARMesh are all implemented using ARFoundation, backed in this project by OpenXR plugin on HoloLens 2.

Sample for Azure Spatial Anchors

SpatialAnchorsSample.cs in the Azure Spatial Anchors sample project demos saving and locating spatial anchors. For more information on how to set up the Azure Spatial Anchors project, see the readme in the project's folder.

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