Surface Duo - Xamarin SDK samples

This repo contains Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms Android samples for Surface Duo, all accessible from a single Visual Studio solution.

Get Started

To learn how to load your app on to emulator, and to use it, refer to the Surface Duo developer docs and Xamarin.Forms dual-screen docs.

Build and Test


  1. Open the Xamarin.Duo.Samples solution

  2. Expand the Xamarin.Forms folder and ensure the DualScreenDemos.Android project is the startup project

  3. Start the Surface Duo emulator - once it has started it will appear in the Visual Studio device list

  4. Run the project, and you will see a menu of different examples to try:

    Menu of Xamarin.Forms dual-screen demos

The TwoPaneView playground lets you experiment with the different layout options it supports. Read the TwoPaneView docs for details on how to control the layout.

Menu of Xamarin.Forms TwoPaneView control playground


  1. Open the Xamarin.Duo.Samples solution
  2. Expand the Xamarin.Android native folder
  3. Choose one of the projects listed as the startup project (eg. Companion Pane, DragAndDrop, DualView, ExtendCanvas, IntentToSecondScreen, MasterDetail, TwoPage)
  4. Start the Surface Duo emulator - once it has started it will appear in the Visual Studio device list
  5. Run the project
  6. Change the startup project to try each sample

API keys

To use the DualView and ExtendCanvas samples, you will first need to create an Google Map API key. Follow the instructions outlined here to create an API key.

After you have an API key, put it in the following files:

  • DualView/Resources/Assets/googlemap.html
  • ExtendCanvas/Resources/Assets/googlemapsearch.html
  • XamarinForms/Xamarin.Duo.Forms.Samples.Android/Assets/googlemap.html
  • XamarinForms/Xamarin.Duo.Forms.Samples.Android/Assets/googlemapsearch.html

By replacing YOUR_API_KEY string with your actual key the map views will be displayed.


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