Consumption sample

This sample demonstrates consumption. It acquires the appropriate licenses and certificates, initializes the environment, signs the publishing license offline, encrypts content, and then decrypts it. See the comments at the beginning of wmain() for a more detailed description.


The usage of this sample is as follows:

 Consumption -U UserID -M ManifestFile [-A ActivationSvr] [-L LicensingSvr]
    -U: specifies the UserID.
    -M: specifies the manifest file to use.
      example: manifest.xml
    -A: specifies the Activation Server. (optional)
      example: http://localhost/_wmcs/certification
    -L: specifies the Licensing Server. (optional)
      example: http://localhost/_wmcs/licensing

Note: The userID specified should be the user's primary SMTP proxy address.