Serenum sample

Serenum enumerates Plug-n-Play RS-232 devices that are compliant with the current revision of Plug and Play External COM Device. It loads as an upper filter driver to many different RS-232 device drivers that are compliant with its requirements and performs this service for them.

Serenum implements the Serenum service and its executable image is serenum.sys.

Serenum is an upper-level device filter driver that is used with a serial port function driver to enumerate the following types of devices that are connected to an RS-232 port:

  • Plug and Play serial devices that comply with Plug and Play External COM Device Specification, Version 1.00, February 28, 1995.

  • Pointer devices that comply with legacy mouse detection in Windows.

The combined operation of Serial and Serenum provides the function of a Plug and Play bus driver for an RS-232 port. Serenum supports Plug and Play and power management.

Windows provides Serenum to support Serial and other serial port function drivers that need to enumerate an RS-232 port. Hardware vendors do not have to create their own enumerator for RS-232 ports. For example, a device driver can use Serenum to enumerate the devices that are attached to the individual RS-232 ports on a multiport device.

File Manifest

File Description
Enum.c Functions that enumerate external serial devices (the main purpose of this driver)
Pnp.c Plug and Play support code
Power.c Power support code
Serenum.c Basic driver functionality
Serenum.h Local header with defines, prototypes
String.c String handling support, mainly ASCII to UNICODE functionality
Serenum.rc Resource script

For more information, see Features of Serial and Serenum.