SimpleMediaSource sample

This sample demonstrates how to create a custom media source and driver package that can be installed as a camera and produce frames.

For more information, see the accompanying documentation at Frame Server Custom Media Source.


  • MediaSource - COM DLL project for the custom media source
  • SimpleMediaSourceDriver - UMDF driver install package


  1. Build the solution.

  2. Navigate to the output folder, e.g. Windows-driver-samples\general\SimpleMediaSource\x64\Release, and the driver package will be in a directory also called SimpleMediaSourceDriver. Check that the folder has SimpleMediaSource.dll,, SimpleMediaSourceDriver.dll, and SimpleMediaSourceDriver.inf.

  3. Deploy the driver package with the following command:

    devcon dp_add SimpleMediaSourceDriver.inf

  4. In Device Manager, locate SimpleMediaSource Capture Source, under the Camera category. Open the Microsoft Camera App, switch cameras if necessary until the camera is streaming from the SimpleMediaSource. You should see a scrolling black and white gradient.