Xamarin.iOS - NFCTagReader

This sample shows how to integrate Core NFC Framework into your application to enable NFC tag reading.

Sample showing an NFC payload


Core NFC provides NFC tag reading capabilities to your applications. This sample application will read an NDEF formatted NFC Forum tag (Type 1 to 5) that contains an NDEF message. Clicking on the Scan button will start the tag scanning process. The application will list each NDEF message read from the NFC tag in the main message table view with a single row entry, and the row's label displays the number of NDEF record payloads in the message.

Clicking on a row in the message table will display the payload table view with details on each of the NDEF record stored in the message.

Getting Started

An iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 11 is required. The first step is to enable "Near Field Communication Tag Reading" in the project's Capabilities pane to acquire the necessary entitlements. Please visit 'Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles' in the Apple Developer portal to manually request a provisioning profile if the NFC capability is unavailable in your beta version of Xcode.