Xamarin.Android - Android 5.0 Notifications Lab

This sample app accompanies the article, Local Notifications in Xamarin.Android. You can use this sample to try out the different notification styles and options in Android 5.0.

Android 5.0 Notifications Lab application screenshot

A single screen provides the following options for selecting the "ingredients" of a notification:

  • A textbox to enter the notification text.

  • A selector for the notification style (normal, big text, image, inbox).

  • A selector for the visibility level of the notification on the lockscreen (public, private, secret).

  • A selector for the priority of the notification (low, mimimum, default, high, maximum).

  • A selector for the category of the notification.

  • Switches for enabling/disabling large icon, sound, and vibrate options.

A launch button is located at the bottom of the screen to post a notification with the above-selected options.

When you tap on a notification, it takes you to a "SecondActivity" screen to demonstrate how PendingIntents work.

To build and run this sample, you must first enable Android 5.0 support as described in Setting Up an Android 5.0 Project. You will need an Android device or emulator with a large screen (such as a Nexus 5 or an AVD with the WXGA720 skin) to view and select from all of the options.