Xamarin.Forms - Monkey See

Monkey See is a program for Xamarin.Forms that uses the cross-platform OrientationSensor included in Xamarin.Essentials.

Monkey See runs on iOS, Android, and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), but you'll need to run the program on an actual phone or tablet rather than a simulator. The program shows a 3D monkey that you can view from different angles by rotating your phone in 3D space.

The 3D monkey was created by Vic Wang at http://vidavic.weebly.com. It is loaded, displayed, and manipulated using UrhoSharp 3D.

Xamarin.Forms no longer runs on Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile devices, but Monkey See will run on a Windows 10 tablet, such as a Surface Pro, and runs best in Tablet Mode. To run in Tablet Mode, all external monitors must be disconnected from the device. Sweep your finger along the right edge of the screen (or press the Notifications icon to the right of the date and time) to display the Action Center. Select Tablet Mode. Then run the program.

Monkey See application screenshot