Support for Windows 10 for System Center Configuration Manager

Applies to: System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch)

This topic details the releases of Windows 10 that you can use with the different versions of System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch. This support includes:

  • Windows 10 as a Configuration Manager client
  • The Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10

Windows 10 as a client

Configuration Manager attempts to provide support as a client for each new Windows 10 release as soon as possible after it becomes available. Because the products have separate development and release schedules, the support that Configuration Manager provides depends on when each becomes available.

For example, a Configuration Manager version drops from the matrix after support for that version ends. Similarly, support for Windows 10 versions like the Enterprise 2015 LTSB or 1511 drops from the matrix when they are removed from support. For more information, see Deprecated operating systems.

Windows 10 version Configuration Manager 1702 Configuration Manager 1706 Configuration Manager 1710
Enterprise 2015 LTSB Supported Supported Supported
Enterprise 2016 LTSB Supported Supported Supported
(Also known as the Anniversary Update)
(see editions)
Supported Supported Supported
(Also known as the Creators Update)
(see editions)
Backwards compatible Supported Supported
(Also known as the Fall Creators Update)
(see editions)
Not supported Backwards compatible Supported

Editions: Enterprise, Pro, Education, Pro Education

Supported = Supported
Not supported = Backwards compatible - Existing client management features (hardware inventory, software inventory, software updates, etc.) should work with the new Windows 10 release. We will document any known issues or caveats.

This approach gives you the ability to deploy and manage new Windows builds on day one with application compatibility support without requiring a new Configuration Manager update version.
Supported = Not supported

Windows 10 ADK

When you deploy operating systems with Configuration Manager, the Windows ADK is an external dependency that is required.

The following table lists the versions of the Windows 10 ADK that you can use with different versions of Configuration Manager.

Windows 10 ADK version Configuration Manager 1702 Configuration Manager 1706 Configuration Manager 1710
1607 Backwards compatible Not supported Not supported
1703 Supported Supported Backwards compatible
1709 Not supported Supported Supported
Supported = Supported - Windows recommends using the Windows ADK that matches the version of Windows you are deploying. For example, use the Windows ADK for Windows 10 version 1703 when deploying Windows 10 version 1703. For more information on Windows ADK component supportability, see DISM supported platforms and USMT requirements.
Backwards compatible = Backward compatible - This combination is not tested but should work. We will document any known issues or caveats.
Supported = Not supported