Pre-release features in Configuration Manager

Applies to: System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch)

Pre-release features are features that are in the current branch for early testing in a production environment. These features are fully supported, but still in active development. They might receive changes until they move out of the pre-release category.

Before using pre-release features, give consent to use pre-release features. Giving consent is a one-time action per hierarchy that you can't undo. Until you give consent, you can't enable new pre-release features included with updates. After you turn on a pre-release feature, you can't turn it off.

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Administration workspace, expand Site Configuration, and select the Sites node.

  2. Click Hierarchy Settings in the ribbon.

  3. On the General tab of Hierarchy Settings Properties, enable the option to Consent to use pre-release features. Click OK.

Enabling pre-release features

When you install an update that includes pre-release features, those features are visible in the Updates and Servicing Wizard with the regular features included in the update.

In the Updates and Servicing Wizard, enable pre-release features. Select the pre-release features as you would any other feature.

Optionally, wait to enable pre-release features later from the Features node under Updates and Servicing in the Administration workspace. Select a feature, and then click Turn on in the ribbon. Until you give consent, this option isn't available for use.

In the Updates and Servicing Wizard, pre-release features are visible but you can't enable them. After the update is installed, these features are visible in the Features node. However, you can't enable them until you give consent.


In a multi-site hierarchy, you can only enable optional or pre-release features from the central administration site. This behavior ensures there are no conflicts across the hierarchy.

If you gave consent at a stand-alone primary site, and then expand the hierarchy by installing a new central administration site, you must give consent again at the central administration site.

When you enable a pre-release feature, the Configuration Manager hierarchy manager (HMAN) must process the change before that feature becomes available. Processing of the change is often immediate. Depending on the HMAN processing cycle, it can take up to 30 minutes to complete. After the change is processed, restart the console before using the feature.

Pre-release features

Feature Added as pre-release Added as a full feature
Task sequence debugger Version 1906 Not yet
Application groups Version 1906 Not yet
Azure Active Directory user group discovery Version 1906 Not yet
Synchronize collection membership results to Azure Active Directory Version 1906 Not yet
CMPivot standalone Version 1906 Not yet
SMS Provider administration service Version 1810 Version 1906
Enhanced HTTP site system Version 1806 Version 1810
Client apps for co-managed devices Version 1806 Not yet
SCAP extensions Version 1806 Not yet
Package conversion manager Version 1806 Version 1810
Support for Cisco AnyConnect 4.0.07x and later for iOS Version 1802 Version 1802
with update 4163547
Phased deployments Version 1802 Version 1806
Run task sequence step Version 1710 Version 1802
Windows Defender Exploit Guard Version 1710 Version 1802
Device health attestation assessment for conditional access compliance policies Version 1710 Version 1802
Create and run Windows PowerShell scripts Version 1706 Version 1802
Device Guard management Version 1702 Version 1906
Cloud management gateway Version 1610 Version 1802
Azure Log Analytics connector Version 1606 Version 1802
Servicing a cluster-aware collection (Server groups) Version 1602 Not yet


For more information on non-pre-release features that you must enable first, see Enable optional features from updates.

For more information on features that are only available in the technical preview branch, see Technical Preview.