Fundamentals of System Center Configuration Manager

Applies to: System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch)

If you are new to System Center Configuration Manager, read the fundamental topics to learn about basic concepts for Configuration Manager before you run setup to install your first site. If you are familiar with Configuration Manager, then you can dive right in. We recommend that you start with What's new in System Center Configuration Manager.

For information about supported operating systems and supported environments, hardware requirements, and capacity information, see Supported configurations for System Center Configuration Manager.

When you deploy Configuration Manager, you deploy one or more sites:

  • When you deploy multiple sites, the sites form child to parent relationships that are collectively referred to as a hierarchy. Use a hierarchy to centrally manage a larger number of sites and devices. Data and information flows down the hierarchy to reach devices that you manage. Information about devices, and results of configuration tasks and requests flow up the hierarchy.

  • When you deploy a single site, it is also referred to as a hierarchy.

    Some configuration tasks and settings will apply to all sites in a hierarchy, while others apply to individual sites.

Fundamental concepts for System Center Configuration Manager

View the following topics to learn about fundamental concepts for System Center Configuration Manager: