Identity Matching in School Data Sync

When configuring SDS, you will match each student and teacher identity from your source directory (SIS or CSV files) to the appropriate and corresponding user object in the target directory (Azure Active Directory or AAD). To do this, you must first choose among the three available attributes from the source directory. Choose an attribute that has a related and equal value in AAD. This selection within the SDS sync profile will view the selected attribute as a simple string value (series or string of alpha-numeric characters without spaces). This string value must match the exact value contained in one of the three available target attributes chosen. You also have the option to append a domain suffix to the source value to complete the match, as shown in the example below:

Screenshot of identity matching.

Since you can only configure one set of identity matching options for teachers within a single sync profile, and one set of identity matching options for students within the same sync profile, you may need to create additional sync profiles to match 100% of your teachers or students planned for sync. Microsoft recommends creating as few sync profiles as possible to avoid performance degradation, although there is no current limit on the number of sync profiles you can create. If you don’t require updates/changes to be processed immediately after enabling a sync profile, creating more than three sync profiles may not be an issue for your district. If you need SDS to sync changes within a given day, we recommend creating no more than three profiles per O365 tenant. If you need to reduce the number of required sync profiles, you can update your identity matching attribute values in either the source directory or target directory. For more information on Identity Matching, see the Identity Matching Video.