Simplifying Student Schema in SDS


On December 5, 2018, School Data Sync (SDS) is simplifying its schema for Students synced to Office 365. SDS will stop writing the attributes below to Azure Active Directory (AAD). SDS Admins do not need to take any action by default as a result of this change, however Admins should be aware of the change in sync behavior if already syncing Students in SDS.


SDS will continue to sync and write these Student attributes to AAD:


Implications of Changes to Schema

Below are the 3 changes and scenarios affected.

New Sync Profile Creation

  1. SDS will no longer provide the option in the Sync Profile Setup Wizard to sync and write the attributes in the first chart to AAD.

Existing Sync Profile Management

  1. The option to edit an existing profile and add these attributes will no longer be present on the page.
  2. If you are already syncing these attributes on your existing sync profile, SDS will allow you to continue uploading files with these attributes included, however SDS will stop writing the data to AAD even if you upload it successfully.

If you have any question about this change, please reach out to the SDS Support team. If you are using these attributes in AAD currently for App integration or PowerShell scripting, you should update your apps or scripts to leverage other native user attributes in AAD, or the other attributes SDS will continue to write and manage for students through sync.