IActiveScriptAuthor Interface

Represents authoring services, including IntelliSense and collation of information.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IActiveScriptAuthor interface exposes the following methods.

Methods in Vtable Order

Method Description
IActiveScriptAuthor::AddNamedItem Adds the name of a root-level item to the script authoring engine's namespace. A root-level item is an object that can contain properties and methods, and that can also contain an event source.
IActiveScriptAuthor::AddScriptlet Adds a code scriptlet as a child of the root level IScriptNode object. In the host, the fully qualified name of the scriptlet can have only two levels.
IActiveScriptAuthor::AddTypeLib Adds a type library to the namespace for the script.
IActiveScriptAuthor::GetChars Returns the set of completion characters for a requested completion context.
IActiveScriptAuthor::GetEventHandler Returns the scriptlet that has the specified attributes.
IActiveScriptAuthor::GetInfoFromContext Returns type information and anchor positions for a given character in a block of code. This provides information for member IntelliSense, global lists, and parameter tips.
IActiveScriptAuthor::GetLanguageFlags Returns language information.
IActiveScriptAuthor::GetRoot Returns the IScriptNode root of the author's script tree.
IActiveScriptAuthor::GetScriptletTextAttributes Returns the text attributes of a scriptlet.
IActiveScriptAuthor::GetScriptTextAttributes Returns the text attributes of a script block.
IActiveScriptAuthor::IsCommitChar Returns a value that indicates whether a given character should commit a statement completion by the application.
IActiveScriptAuthor::ParseScriptText Parses script text, adds the text to the authoring script authoring engine, and creates an IScriptEntry object that corresponds to the script block.
IActiveScriptAuthor::RemoveNamedItem Removes a NamedItem object from the namespace of the script authoring engine.
IActiveScriptAuthor::RemoveTypeLib Removes a type library from the script authoring engine namespace.

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