Technical Data

The mission of Microsoft's Government Security Program (GSP) is to build trust through transparency. Since the program's inception in 2003, Microsoft has provided visibility into our technology and security artifacts which governments and international organizations can use to help protect themselves and their citizens. The Technical Data offering provides access to a broad range of confidential technical information, exclusive of source code, which allows government agencies and international organizations to evaluate the trustworthiness of Microsoft products and services.

Access Enablement

Information shared through the Technical Data offering is tailored to help GSP participants address their priorities. It provides a platform for customers to ask questions about security, to build trust in our products and services, and can include access to:

  • Written materials
  • Direct dialogue with Microsoft engineers and security experts
  • Early access to documentation about Microsoft's products and services

Technical Trips

In-person exchanges with Microsoft engineers and security experts are sometimes scheduled in Microsoft facilities and cover security questions about Microsoft products and services. These meetings, commonly referred to as technical trips, provide deep technical conversations about topics of interest. To plan and facilitate these, the Microsoft local GSP representative works closely with the agency to understand what it is looking to accomplish and to develop a customized agenda. Technical trips are accommodated based on Microsoft engineering team availability. One of the frequent uses of this offering is to review security content related to Microsoft's cloud services. This includes access to the Microsoft Service Trust Platform where we share important third-party security and compliance reports, as well as security details about Microsoft's cloud services.

Examples of Technical Data

  • Technical documentation and written materials needed to understand a security question
  • Early releases of white papers
  • Common Criteria evaluation documents for Windows
  • Engagements with engineers in many different formats including Technical Adoption Programs (TAP)
  • Cloud service security, privacy and compliance documentation such as audit reports and risk assessments
  • Technical trip sample topics:
    • Azure Incident Response Process
    • Bitlocker Encryption
    • Windows Telemetry
    • Cyber Threat Intelligence

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