Release notes - Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program

The Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program releases changes to our Root Store on a monthly cadence, except for December. The public can expect the following cadence for releases:

  1. Additions and non-deprecating modifications will be completed any month
  2. Certificate Authority (CA)-initiated and CA-confirmed deprecations will occur on even numbered months
  3. Microsoft-initiated deprecations will occur in February and August releases

If you are a certificate user who has active certificates chaining up to a deprecating root, please reach out to your CA to understand how changes may impact your certificates. Update packages will be available for download and testing at

Please note, the changes listed are accurate at the time of posting but are subject to change.

A list of Root Store participants, updated monthly, can be found here:


Month Date of Release Release Notes
May May 28 Deployment Notice Posted May 1
April April 30 Deployment Notice Posted April 15
March March 26 Deployment Notice Posted March 6
February March 5 Deployment Notice Posted February 19
January January 29 Deployment Notice Posted January 23


2018 and earlier coming soon