Services Hub Connector – Instructions

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Step 1

Register the "Microsoft.ServicesHub" Resource Provider on your subscription.

  1. Navigate to the Azure portal at
  2. Find your subscription (All Services -> Subscriptions -> Click your subscription).
  3. Click on Resource providers in the left navigation.
  4. Search for “Microsoft.ServicesHub”.
  5. Click the line item to select it.
  6. Click the Register button.

Step 2

Visit the Azure Portal and create a new Services Hub Connector.

  1. Navigate to the Azure portal at
  2. Click “Create” to begin creating a new Services Hub Connector resource.

Step 3

Complete the Basics tab.

  1. Subscription: choose your subscription. You must have first registered the "Microsoft.ServicesHub" Resource Provider for this subscription (see Step #1).
  2. Resource Group: choose any Resource Group.
  3. Region: currently East US is the only supported region.
  4. Connector Name: enter a name for your new Connector resource.
  5. Services Hub Workspace: select a Services Hub workspace from the Dropdown.

Step 4

Complete the Log Analytics tab. This connects your Services Hub workspace to your Log Analytics workspace and allows you to run On-Demand Assessments. This step replaces the previous method of connecting Services Hub to Log Analytics through the Services Hub.

  1. Log Analytics Workspace Subscription: choose the subscription your Log Analytics Workspace exists under. This does not have to be the same subscription you chose on the basics tab.
  2. Log Analytics Workspace: choose your Log Analytics workspace from the dropdown.


This experience currently does not support creating a new Log Analytics workspace. To do that, first go create the Log Analytics workspace, then come back to create a new Services Hub Connector.

Step 5

Adding tags is optional.

Tags let you assign arbitrary metadata to your Azure resources. They are typically used for resource organization. You can optionally assign them here, or do it later after creating the Services Hub Connector.

Step 6

Review and Create your Connector.

  1. Review the details of your new Services Hub Connector Resource.
  2. If everything looks good, click Create.

Step 7

View your newly created Services Hub Connector

  1. After clicking “Create”, you will be redirected to a Deployment Status page. Once deployment completes, you can click the “Go to resource” button.

  1. This will land you on the Overview page for your new Services Hub Connector resource. Click the On-Demand Assessments menu item to get started.

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