Top On-Demand Assessment FAQs

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Update Center Product Updates What's the Product Update Center? Product Updates help you stay connected and current on lifecycle information for the Microsoft products that are of the greatest interest to you. These updates help you:
Discover new and updated product information.
Follow products for changes in release information.
Update Center Product Updates What kind of product updates are included? All commercial Microsoft products are included in the list.
Update Center Product Update How will I get notified of any changes to the products? If you are following a product, a notification will appear inside the Services Hub notification tab when changes occur.
Update Center Product Update How often is the product update list refreshed? The list is updated every 24 hours.
Update Center Product Update Who can I talk to about the product updates? Contact your Microsoft representative for questions regarding product updates.
Update Center Product Update What do I do if I need an extension to the product update expiration date? The lifecycle of a product is governed by the Microsoft Lifecycle policy.
For more information see:
Lifecycle FAQ—general policy questions
Update Center Product Update How do I add a product to the list in the Update Center? On the Product Update page, click on the + symbol and enter the name of your product. Next, select the product version from the dropdown list and click Add.
Update Center Product Update I don't see the product I want on the Update Center Product Update page. How can I add it? If you do not see your product listed, it might no longer be supported. For more information, check the following resources:
Lifecycle FAQ—general policy questions
Update Center O365 Roadmap What is the Office 365 Roadmap? The Update Center helps you stay connected and current on Office 365 with personalized updates
Discover new and updated product information online.
Select the products that are of greatest interest to you.
Get Microsoft product updates and features as they become available.
Follow products for changes in release information.
Sign up for events to learn more about Microsoft products.
Update Center O365 Roadmap What happens if I register for an event from the Office 365 Roadmap? You will be sent an email invitation with instructions on how to attend.
Update Center O365 Roadmap What does it mean to follow an item on the Office 365 Roadmap? When you click Follow, you'll receive an email if anything changes with the products you're following.
Update Center O365 Roadmap How can I unfollow an item on the Office 365 Roadmap? Just click on the star symbol to under the product description area to stop following it.
Update Center O365 Roadmap What does the Follow menu do? The Follow Menu shows you all the updates that you're following.
Update Center O365 Roadmap What if I do not see a product, how can I add it? If you don't see a product listed, you may to add it from the product filter. If you cannot locate a product open a support incident. Click Support, then Contact Support. Next, click Microsoft Services Hub team to open a support request.
Update Center O365 Roadmap Will you be adding the Azure roadmap to the Services Hub Update Center? The Services Hub is continually evolving. If you have feedback to provide the team, click lightbulb icon or Share
Update Center O365 Roadmap Will you be adding the Dynamics 365 roadmap to the Services Hub Update Center? We continually evolve our features in the Services Hub. Please add your feedback or idea to share with others by clicking on the lightbulb or Share your idea in your profile menu.
Assessments How do Microsoft Support Assessments available in Service Hub differ from the solution gallery assessments in Microsoft OAzure Log Analytics)? The Microsoft Support assessments available through the Services Hub provide enhanced recommendations and robust checks beyond the assessments in the Solution gallery of Azure Log Analytics.
Assessments Are assessments available to all Microsoft Support customers? Yes. Microsoft Support customers have unlimited access to the Services Hub on-demand assessments.
Assessments Where is assessment data stored? For information about where Services Hub On Demand Assessments is stored and handled, visit the Microsoft Azure Trust Center.
Assessments Why do I need Microsoft Azure to run an assessment? For information about Azure Log Analytics, visit:
Assessments Where can I find a list of available on-demand assessments? You can find a list of current on-demand assessments in the Services Hub. Click Services, then select Catalog. Using the filters select Service type and then click on the filter Assessments to see all the current on-demand assessments.
Assessments Can an existing Azure subscription and Azure Log Analytics Workspace be used with Services Hub assessments? Yes. For more information on getting started with assessments, visit:
Assessments Does running Services Hub Azure Log Analytics assessments impact performance? On-demand assessments have minimal performance impact on production servers.
Assessments My customer doesn't have an Azure subscription, can they run the Services Hub Azure Log Analytics assessments? No, but there are several options available. For more information about Azure subscriptions visit:
Assessments Who can manage permissions to an Azure Log Analytics Workspace? Only users who are both Azure subscription owners and are either an Azure Log Analytics workspace owner or contributor may enable assessments can manage Azure Log Analytics permission .
Assessments Where can I find more information about assessments that use log analytics? For more information on log analytics visit
Assessments What data is uploaded to Microsoft when the assessments are run through the Services Hub. All data collected by Log Analytics is stored in the Azure Log Analytics repository as a record. Records collected by different data sources will have their own set of properties and be identified by their Type property. See the documentation for each data source and solution for details on each record type. For more information, see:
What is Log Analytics?:
Data Security:
Data Sources:
Assessments How will I know who the Azure subscription owner is for my company? Please work with your company’s Services Admin, Microsoft Technical Account Manager, or Microsoft Support Account Coordinator to determine your Azure subscription owner.
New assessments What are the terms of the Get an Azure subscription button The Services Hub Azure subscription terms of use are:
This account is valid for 1 year from the time of activation and includes up to $10 USD of Azure usage.
If you use other Azure services with this account, you will be notified of usage cost. The cost will not exceed your $10 USD annual limit.
The Services Hub On-Demand Assessments are included in your Microsoft Support plan, but if you might be charged with other Azure services you use. You will be notified of any incremental costs as they occur.
New assessments Can I run the same assessments on different machines and point it to the same Azure Log Analytics workspace? Yes. You can target multiple servers with the same assessment pointing to the same Azure Log Analytics workspace.
Currently, you need to run the assessment in the different machines (the process runs on those machines). Soon, you'll be able to run one process on one server and target up to 100 machines.
New assessments Can I have separate Azure Log Analytics workspaces for different users? No.
New assessments Is there a report that I can download with the on-demand assessments results. No.
Assessments Can I run assessments myself? Yes. The assessments in Azure Log Analytics are self-service and you can setup as many as you want.
Depending on the support level, there may be an option to engage an engineer who can dig deeper into the results of specific assessments and help prioritize improvements.​​
Assessments How do I get started with assessments? For a general assessments overview, take a look at our getting started videos:
For more assessments details, see our knowledgebase article
Assessments What license is needed to run Azure Log Analytics? No license is needed - it's included as a part of your Support contract.
Assessments Can existing Azure subscriptions be used to run Azure Log Analytics assessments? Yes, an existing Azure Subscription and Azure Log Analytics Workspace can be used with Services Hub assessments.
Assessments How often do assessments collect data when running an assessment? The you can set the cadence up to meet your organizational needs, but by default, assessments run one hour after configuration and then every 7 days.
Assessments Is access to RAP as a Service solutions still available, or has it been replaced by the Services Hub on-demand assessments? RAP as a Service solutions may be available as part of your existing contract, or they can be purchased as an add-on service.
Assessments Is a RAP as a Service included as part of our service or now considered an add-on? Advanced and Performance customers get limited remote on-demand engineer-led assessments and remediation planning. To schedule these remote-led assessments, contact your Microsoft representative.
Assessments Can any Services Hub user run an assessment? No. Only Services Hub users who have permission in Azure Log Analytics can run assessments.
Assessments How does Services Hub accommodate specific country privacy and data collection rules? If your country has specific data storage requirements, you can integrate with an Azure Log Analytics instance that complies with your country's requirements.
Assessments What do I do if I don't see my Azure subscription listed when I try to link Services Hub to Azure Log Analytics. To see an Azure subscription you must have owner permissions to view in Services Hub
Assessments How do assessments get the information needed to run in an environment? Depending on the assessment, various scripts are run locally or in the cloud. The delivery guides for the assessment will outline what information is needed and where it resides.
Assessments How does someone get access to an assessment? To allow members of your team access to Services Hub assessments, they must be added to the Services Hub and be granted permission by the Azure owner.
Assessments How does an assessment work? Within hours of set up, data is collected and processed, and then the results are displayed in Azure Log Analytics. For more information, see
Assessments How can I get help setting up assessments? For assistance setting up Services Hub assessments, visit and request the on-demand set up and configure service.
Assessment What do assessments provide? Assessments provide a prioritized list of recommendations about your IT environment categorized across six focus areas allowing you and your team to quickly understand the risk and health of your IT environment, and easily take action to decrease risk and improve health.
Assessments How long does it take to set up an assessment? On average it takes two hours to configure your environment to run an assessment. Once configured, data is sent to Azure Log Analytics and run automatically every seven days.
Assessments What costs are associated with creating or linking an Azure subscription and an Azure Log Analytics workspace? Creating an Azure subscription is free, but there may be charges for the services linked to that subscription.
When you create an Azure Log Analytics workspace via Services Hub, the workspace will be configured to use Azure Log Analytics free data plan. This includes a data upload allotment that is sufficient for running the On-Demand Assessments.
For more about Azure Log Analytics pricing, see
Assessments If I use my existing Azure subscription to run an on-demand assessment, what additional costs might I incur? On-demand assessments use a small amount of data and when your Azure Log Analytics workspace is on the free tier you will not incur additional costs.
Assessments Are there limitations when using a Microsoft-sponsored Azure subscription to run on-demand assessments? Yes, there are some limitations. The sponsored subscription is valid for one year or if the subscription uses the $10
Assessments What are the charges associated with a sponsored Azure account? Sponsored Azure accounts are capped at $10 annually which is enough to run on-demand assessments. Once that limit is reached, assessments will stop running.
Assessments What's the difference between Services Hub assessments and RAP as a Service? The Services Hub Azure Log Analytics assessment performs the same in-depth assessment as RAP as a Service, however they can be run online on-demand without engaging an engineer and results are viewable through the Services Hub dashboard.
Further, once installed, assessments run automatically without requiring manual intervention. There is no additional charge for Services Hub on-demand assessments.
Assessments Will I have access to the RAP as a Service solutions or Azure Log Analytics assessments only in the Services Hub? RAP as a Service solutions can be purchased as add-on services. The need for Offline Assessments, or assessments for technologies that are not yet available in Azure Log Analytics, should be fulfilled by offering the relevant service as an add-on.
Talk to your Microsoft Technical Account Manager for more information.
Assessments Is there offline version of Services Hub or Azure Log Analytics? No, not at this time.
Assessments Can I tie an existing Azure Log Analytics workspace to Services Hub, or do I need to have a dedicated Azure Log Analytics workspace to run on-demand assessments? You can use an existing Azure Log Analytics environment in the Services Hub.
Assessments How do the Service Hub Azure Log Analytics assessments handle multiple environments? Running a single assessment in multiple environments is not currently supported.

For general feedback on the Resource Center or content, please submit your feedback to your Microsoft representative. For specific requests and content updates regarding the Services Hub, contact our Support Team to submit a case.