Learning management

Take advantage of Microsoft Learning with Training Management. Microsoft Unified Support customers with the Learning Manager role within Services Hub have the ability to assign and track Learning for learners in the workspace where they have access.


To learn more about assigning roles in Services Hub, visit the Manage Users documentation. To learn more about the Learning experience, visit the Learning documentation.

Services Hub Learning landing page with Management

Training Management is full of value-rich features, such as assigning, bookmarking, and sharing content, as well as viewing a summary and details of the Learning consumed.

Bookmark content

Bookmark button on a course

Find a course you really like? Any user with the Learning role can bookmark it for later.

Bookmarked courses in the My courses list

These bookmarks will be listed in the My Courses view.

Share content

Share courses with the Share button

Find a course you believe someone from your team would enjoy? Any user with the Learning role can easily get a shareable link from the flyout and share it wherever you would like.

My courses

My courses view

All Learning users can access My courses, where you can see Recent activity, Assigned courses, Elective courses, and Bookmarks. You can also Download course history and view Course details.

View Assignment details

Using the inline control (with the ellipsis) on a specific assignment, Learners can view detailed meta data on the content assigned, including Assigned by, Assigned date, Due date, and Progress. This allows them to contact the Learning Manager in case the due date needs to extended, course needs to be canceled, as it got assigned by mistake, etc.

View assignment details

Learning manager specific capabilities

Some capabilities of the Training Management feature experience are different for the Learning Manager and for Learners. Learning Managers can Assign content to Learners and can track the progress of these assignments in the Learning management summary.

Assign content

To assign a course or learning path as a Learning Manager, click the Assign button under the title you want to assign.

Assign a course with the button

From the flyout panel, select who you would like to assign the content to and the due date.


Learning Managers can only assign learning content to members within their selected workspace.

Assignment pane

Learning management summary

From the Learning landing page, Learning Managers can view a summary of all the content previously assigned and are updated as assignments are completed.

Edit Assignment details

Using the inline control (with the ellipsis) on a specific assignment, Learning Managers can edit an assignment to add or remove users or user groups as applicable alongside extending the due date.

Edit assignment details

Cancel an assignment

Using the inline control (with the ellipsis) on a specific assignment, Learning Managers can cancel an assignment that might not be assigned as expected or not applicable.

Cancel an assignment

Clone an assignment

Learning managers can clone an assignment to assign users or user groups in different workspaces.

Clone an assignment

Show filters

Learning managers can filter an assignment by “Assigned To” and “Progress” for actionability

Filters in the summary

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