SharePoint Developer GitHub repositories

There are numerous SharePoint Developer GitHub repositories, which all have different use cases. All of the SharePoint repositories are listed in the following table.


We welcome community contributions to all of these GitHub repositories. All contributors are acknowledged in our monthly communications. Join hundreds of other SharePoint community members and help us build an even stronger community together. Sharing is caring!


You can also use the SharePoint Developer Sample Gallery in the SharePoint Developer portal to find samples relevant to you.

SharePoint repositories

Repository Description
sp-dev-docs Source for SharePoint dev documentation exposed at
sp-dev-fx-webparts Samples and tutorial code around SharePoint Framework client-side web parts
sp-dev-fx-extensions Samples and tutorial code around SharePoint Framework extensions
sp-dev-modernization Solutions, tools and script to help you modernize your sites
sp-dev-solutions More polished and fine-tuned reusable solutions built with the SharePoint Framework
sp-dev-list-formatting Various column formatting json files shared among the community
sp-dev-site-scripts Various Site Script and Site Design json files shared among the community
sp-dev-fx-controls-react Reusable content controls for SharePoint Framework solutions built with React
sp-dev-fx-property-controls Reusable property pane controls for use in SharePoint Framework web parts
sp-dev-gdpr-activity-hub A reference solution for the business case of GDPR demonstrating an SPFx implementation with Power BI and modern sites
sp-dev-build-extensions Various build extensions (such as gulp tasks and gulp plug-ins) from the community and engineering for use in SharePoint development
sp-dev-fx-vs-extension Visual Studio IDE extension for creating SharePoint Framework solutions in Visual Studio 2015 or 2017
sp-dev-samples Samples for add-ins, webhooks, and other APIs

PnP repositories

Repository Description
pnp Main repository for SharePoint Add-ins, Microsoft Graph, and other samples
pnp-sites-core Office Dev PnP CSOM Core component - Extension component for native SharePoint Client-Side Object Model
pnp-powershell Source code for SharePoint PnP PowerShell cmdlets
pnp-provisioning-schema PnP provisioning engine schema repository
pnp-tools Repository for tools and scripts targeted primarily for IT pros and for on-premises SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016
pnp-partner-pack Packaged guidance with detailed instructions about setting things up in Office 365 and Azure
pnp-js-core Office Dev PnP Core component for JavaScript
pnp-transformation Material specifically for the transformation process. Currently, includes samples around InfoPath replacement and transformation tooling from farm solutions to the add-in model
pnp-js-provisioning Repository for planned JavaScript provisioning library
pnp-provisioning-templates Repository for provisioning templates.
pnp-guidance Old repository on guidance, presentations, and articles that were partially synced to MSDN
pnp-identitymodel Open source replacement of Microsoft.IdentityModel.Extensions.dll

Other repositories

Repository Description
pnpjs PnPJS is a fluent JavaScript API for consuming SharePoint and Office 365 REST APIs in a type-safe way; this repository contains the library's source code