Protocol handler error due to deprecated interface in SharePoint 2016

Protocol handler implementations using the interfaces listed in this article in the srchprth.h header file are now deprecated in SharePoint 2016. Specifically, the protocol handler for deprecated interfaces generates the error "The protocol handler cannot be loaded".


You see the following error message when you load the protocol handler:

The protocol handler <name of custom protocol handler> cannot be loaded. Error description: No such interface supported.


You are using the srchprth.h header file in your protocol handler implementation. This file contains interfaces deprecated in SharePoint 2016.


Replace the deprecated interfaces in your protocol handler implementation with those that are currently supported:

  • srchprth.h (updated)

  • urlaccsdk.h (new)

Deprecated Interfaces

The deprecated interfaces include the following:

interface ISearchProtocol : IUnknown


    HRESULT Init([in] TIMEOUT_INFO *pTimeoutInfo,
                 [in] IProtocolHandlerSite *pProtocolHandlerSite,
                 [in] PROXY_INFO *pProxyInfo);

    HRESULT CreateAccessor([in] LPCWSTR pcwszURL,
                           [in] AUTHENTICATION_INFO *pAuthenticationInfo,
                           [in] INCREMENTAL_ACCESS_INFO *pIncrementalAccessInfo,
                           [in] ITEM_INFO *pItemInfo,
                           [out] IUrlAccessor **ppAccessor);

    HRESULT CloseAccessor([in] IUrlAccessor *pAccessor);
    HRESULT ShutDown();

    DWORD       dwSize;
    DWORD       dwConnectTimeout;
    DWORD       dwDataTimeout;

    DWORD           dwSize;
    LPCWSTR         pcwszUserAgent;
    PROXY_ACCESS    paUseProxy;
    BOOL            fLocalBypass;
    DWORD           dwPortNumber;
    LPCWSTR         pcwszProxyName;
    LPCWSTR         pcwszBypassList;

    DWORD       dwSize;
    AUTH_TYPE   atAuthenticationType;
    LPCWSTR     pcwszUser;
    LPCWSTR     pcwszPassword;

                     DWORD       dwSize;
                     FILETIME    ftLastModifiedTime;

IProtocolHandler: public IUnknown

                           HRESULT Init(
                                  /* [in] */ LPCWSTR pwszUserAgent,
                                  /* [in] */ DWORD dwUseProxy,
                                  /* [in] */ DWORD dwConnectTimeout,
                                  /* [in] */ DWORD dwDataTimeout,
                                  /* [in] */ DWORD dwLocalByPassProxy,
                                  /* [in] */ DWORD dwPortNumber,
                                  /* [in] */ LPCWSTR pcwszProxyName,
                                  /* [in] */ LPCWSTR pcwszByPassList,
                                  /* [in] */ LPCWSTR pcwszProxyUserName,
                                  /* [in] */ LPCWSTR pcwszProxyPassword,
                                  /* [in] */ IProtocolHandlerSite *pProtocolHandlerSite) = 0;

                           HRESULT CreateAccessor(
                                  /* [in] */ AccessorInitParams *pParams,
                                  /* [out] */ IUrlAccessor **ppAccessor) = 0;

                           HRESULT CloseAccessor(
                                  /* [in] */ IUrlAccessor *pAccessor) = 0;

                           HRESULT SetProcessMemorySize(
                                  /* [in] */ DWORD dwFltrDmnMemoryQuota) = 0;

struct AccessorInitParameters
                           LPCWSTR pwszUrl;
                           LPCWSTR pwszCrawlTarget;
                           BOOL fUseSSLWithCT;
                           BOOL fUseCTForIntranet;
                           DWORD eAuthenticationType;
                           LPCWSTR pwszUser;
                           LPCWSTR pwszPassword;
                           LPCWSTR pwszHttpFrom;
                           FILETIME ftIfModifiedSince;
                           DWORD dwCrawlId;
                           DWORD dwMiniCrawlID;
                           DWORD dwDeletedCount;
                           DWORD dwDeletedCountSync;
                           BOOL fDeletedCountValid;
                           LPCWSTR pwszAppName;
                           LPCWSTR pwszCatName;
                           DWORD dwFilterPipeFlags;
                           LPCWSTR pwszContentClass;
                           LPCWSTR pwszSearchPropertyMappingUrl;
                           BYTE *pbChangeLogCookie;
                           DWORD cbChangeLogCookieLength;
                           BYTE *pbChangeLogCookieEnd;
                           DWORD cbChangeLogCookieEndLength;
                           LPCWSTR pwszFormsAuthURL;
                           LPCWSTR pwszFormsAuthPost;
                           BYTE *pbCachedBlob;
                           DWORD cbCachedBlobLength;
                           DWORD dwPHFlags;
                           LPCWSTR pwszSecurityId;
                           LPCWSTR pwszCorrelationId;
                           CLSID *pTenantID;
                           HANDLE hImpersonationToken;

                     }      AccessorInitParams;
  • AccessorInitParams contains many parameters, some of which may be optional. These parameters are mostly an expansion of previous deprecated structs.

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