Solutions Deployment and Maintenance


Solutions Deployment and Maintenance are really important topics in the fields of developing for SharePoint, whenever you want to create sucessfull solutions. In this guidance article you can find references to articles, videos, and samples about how to manage deployment and maintenance of SharePoint Add-Ins, SharePoint Framework solutions, or Sandbox solutions on-premises.

SharePoint Add-Ins

Applies to: Office 365 | SharePoint Online | SharePoint 2013 | SharePoint 2016

In the SharePoint Add-In Model there are many well-known rules and guidelines about how to manage solutions deployment and maintenance. Here you can find some reference articles.


SharePoint Framework

Applies to: Office 365 | SharePoint Online | SharePoint 2016 (FP2)

The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) has been designed thinking about making it possible to properly manage the deployment and maintenance of solutions. In this section follow articles, samples, and videos that explain you how to manage SPFx solutions deployment and maintenance.




Sandbox solutions

Applies to: SharePoint 2013 | SharePoint 2016

One of the original design goals of Sandbox solutions was to make it possible to have an easy and smooth process to deploy and maintain the solutions. Even if the sandbox solution are nowadays deprecated, here you can find some useful information to reach that goal.