DeploymentSystemData schema

Applies to: SharePoint 2016 | SharePoint Foundation 2013 | SharePoint Online | SharePoint Server 2013

The DeploymentSystemData schema provides validation for the SystemData.xml file exported into the content migration package. The SystemData file collects a variety of low-level system data. It records the number and names of Manifest.xml files (in cases where the migration uses multiple manifests), and it also supports schema versioning. Additionally, it holds a list of system files that are required by SharePoint Foundation.

DeploymentSystemData schema elements and types

The following table lists elements in the schema file DeploymentSystemData.xsd file.



ManifestFile element (DeploymentSystemData)

Represents system data files exported to the content migration package and listed on the deployment manifest.

ManifestFiles element (DeploymentSystemData)

Represents a collection of system data files exported to the content migration package.

SchemaVersion element (DeploymentSystemData)

Represents an object (**SPSchemaVersion**) that lists versioning data for the content migration manifest schema.

SystemObject element (DeploymentSystemData)

Represents a SharePoint Foundation system object instance (**SPSystemObject**) exported to the content migration package.

SystemObjects element (DeploymentSystemData)

Represents a collection of SharePoint Foundation system object (**SPSystemObject**) instances.

SystemData element (DeploymentSystemData)

Represents a system data wrapper object (**SPSystemData**) that contains the deployment system data object collections. This is the schema root element.

SPDeploymentObjectType Simple Type (DeploymentSystemData)

Enumeration simple type that provides values for the **Type** attribute on the SystemObject element (DeploymentSystemData). The value specifies the system object type.

Guid Simple Type (DeploymentSystemData)

Supports the use of a unique identifier (GUID) as a **Guid** attribute field value in the SystemObject element (DeploymentSystemData) of the DeploymentLRootObjectMap schema.

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