Composite business SharePoint Add-ins

Composite business add-ins are add-ins that are tightly integrated with your business processes and line-of-business (LOB) technologies (such as databases and web services). These add-ins typically include a number of complex interactions with users and with other technologies.

The sample composite business add-ins described in this section provide building blocks that you can use to integrate your technologies and processes with the SharePoint Add-in model.

SharePoint-hosted versus provider-hosted add-ins

Before you create composite business add-ins, you first need to decide where the add-ins will be hosted. SharePoint-hosted add-ins work best when you can scope your requirements to single-site implementations that you can handle with JavaScript. Provider-hosted add-ins are better for more complex business requirements.

The following table summarizes the factors to consider when you decide where to host your add-ins.

SharePoint-hosted add-ins Provider-hosted add-ins
You can do everything you need to do with JavaScript. You need to use languages other than JavaScript.
The add-in does not need to do any work across more than one site; for example, team calendar add-ins and featured news rotators. The add-in needs to access information and do work across more than a single site. For example, site collection provisioning add-ins.
Content is sensitive and needs to stay securely and entirely in SharePoint. The add-in needs to integrate with other line-of-business technologies.
The add-in requires elevated permissions that are made possible by the add-in-only policy.
The add-in requires a highly customized UI.

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