Create an organization news site

To specify SharePoint sites as "official" or "authoritative" for news in your organization, mark them as organization news sites. These posts get special visual treatment (see the "NEWS @ CONTOSO" color block below), and appear on the SharePoint start page.

A post from an organization news site on the SharePoint start page

SharePoint admins can specify any number of organization news sites. For multi-geo tenants, organization news sites would have to be set up for each geo location. Each geo location could use the same central organization news site, and/or have its own unique site that shows organization news specific to that region.


When SharePoint home sites are released, they will be automatically configured as organization news sites.

For more info about working with news, see Use the News web part on a SharePoint page and Add news posts.

Use Microsoft PowerShell to specify a site as an organization news site

  1. Download the latest SharePoint Online Management Shell.


    If you installed a previous version of the SharePoint Online Management Shell, go to Add or remove programs and uninstall "SharePoint Online Management Shell."
    On the Download Center page, select your language and then click the Download button. You'll be asked to choose between downloading a x64 and x86 .msi file. Download the x64 file if you're running the 64-bit version of Windows or the x86 file if you're running the 32-bit version. If you don't know, see Which version of Windows operating system am I running?. After the file downloads, run it and follow the steps in the Setup Wizard.

  2. Connect to SharePoint as a global admin or SharePoint admin in Microsoft 365. To learn how, see Getting started with SharePoint Online Management Shell.

  3. Run the following command to designate the site as an organization news site:

    Set-SPOOrgNewsSite -OrgNewsSiteUrl <site URL> 

Example: Set-SPOOrgNewsSite -OrgNewsSiteUrl