Securing a SharePoint Online extranet site

Depending on your business needs, there are different approaches you can take to secure and restrict access to your SharePoint Online B2B extranet site. In SharePoint Online, you can control how and if invitations are sent to external users. These settings can be set at the organization level, globally controlling all sites. Some settings can also be set at the individual site collection level, allowing you tailor the settings based on the unique requirements for your partner relationship while keeping control on sites intended for internal corporate use only.

For information about how to configure the sharing settings discussed in this article, see External sharing overview.


Any organization-wide sharing settings that you configure also affect OneDrive for Business.

Restricting sharing in SharePoint site collections

The following table shows a series of options for sharing SharePoint site collections. Option 1 is the most restrictive, with external sharing turned off entirely, and option 6 is the least restrictive, with users able to access content by using anonymous links.

Options 2 thru 5 are the primary options for use in configuring a B2B extranet site. Option 2 restricts sharing to only those external users who are already in your Office 365 directory, while options 3 and 4 use domain filtering to allow or deny sharing with specified email domains. Option 5 requires external users to authenticate, but doesn't otherwise restrict external sharing.

With any of these options, you can also choose to require that sharing invitations be sent only by the site owner.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Sharing setting
Only people in your organization
Existing guests
New and existing guests
New and existing guests
New and existing guests
Limit sharing by domain
Allow only specific domains
Block specific domains list
No external sharing - used for intranet sites.
Sharing only allowed with guests already in the directory
Sharing only allowed with guests who are from the specified Microsoft-hosted domains.
Sharing allowed with guests who are from all but the specified domains.
Sharing allowed with guests who are from all Microsoft-hosted domains.
No restrictions on sharing.
Most restricted
Least restricted

The following sections look more closely at these options.

Restrict sharing only to existing guests in the directory

In option 2, the sharing setting Existing guests allows sharing only with existing users in your Office 365 directory. This turns off the user-based invitations approach within SharePoint Online.

If you're partnering with another organization that uses Office 365 or has an Azure AD, you can import users from their organization into your organization, and then grant them access to your extranet site. For more information, see What is Azure AD B2B collaboration?.

Sharing with authenticated users

Options 3, 4, and 5 all use the Allow external users who accept sharing invitations and sign in as authenticated users sharing option for the site collection. With this option, the site can be shared with any account that can authenticate through a Microsoft-hosted domain (such as or any Office 365 or Azure AD organization).

Options 4 and 5 use domain filtering:

  • Allow list - Allows sharing invitations to be sent only to those domains listed. This is the best way to narrow down the scope of who can be invited to a site.

  • Block list - Allows sharing invitations to be sent to any domain except those listed.

To set up domain filtering, see Restricted Domains Sharing in Office 365 SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

Controlling who can add users to a site

An important feature to consider in your access security is controlling who can share a site with new users. To tightly control a high business impact site collection, you can allow only the site owner the ability to invite new users.

Owner-only sharing can be used with any of the sharing options in the table above to help control access to your extranet site.

To configure this option, on the Sharing tab at the site collection level, select Turn off sharing for non-owners in all sites in the site collection


This is a one-way switch. You cannot reenable sharing permissions for non-site owners.

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