AI Show Live | Episode 14 | Explore Azure Cognitive Services while building the AI Playground web app

Join us to build AI Playground with Azure Cognitive Services (https://aka.ms/CognitiveServicesDocs) in this episode of the AI Show.
Checkout Build AI Session: https://aka.ms/BuildAICognitiveServices
Azure Links:
Azure Cognitive DevRel latest links: ​https://aka.ms/DevRel/CognitiveServices
Create free Azure Cognitive Services Account: https://aka.ms/CognitiveServicesFree
AI Playground Github: https://aka.ms/AIPlaygroundCode
Cognitive Services Docs: https://aka.ms/CognitiveServicesDocs
Azure Cognitive Services Overview: https://aka.ms/CognitiveServicesOverview
Azure Cognitive Services face package: https://aka.ms/CognitiveServicesFaceSDK
VSCode LiveShare Extension: https://aka.ms/VSCodeLiveShare
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AI Show Live Playlist https://aka.ms/AIShowLive
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