AI Show Live | Episode 8 | Explore Azure Cognitive Services while building the AI Playground web app

repost from AI Show Live Episode #8 (April 9, 2021)

Want to see what you can build with Azure Cognitive Services? Me too! Join Ayşegül & Vanessa to create a web app that allows you to easily try out Azure Cognitive Services and explore the use cases. Follow along every other Friday as we implement different Cognitive Services into one code base.

[00:35] Ayşegül starts
[04:26] Building begins

Learn more:
Azure Cognitive Services https://aka.ms/DevRel/CognitiveServices
Get your free Azure Cognitive Services account https://aka.ms/CognitiveServicesFree

Follow Ayşegül https://twitter.com/AysSomething
Follow Vanessa https://twitter.com/vaness_diaz