AI Show Live | Episode 10 | Explore Azure Cognitive Services while building the AI Playground web app

repost from AI Show Live Episode #10 (April 23, 2021)

Want to build an AI Playground? Join Ayşegül & Vanessa to create a web app that allows you to easily try out Azure Cognitive Services and explore the use cases. Follow along implementing different Cognitive Services into one code base.

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[00:00] Livestream starts
[00:13] Welcome
[03:45] Join us in the playground discussion https://aka.ms/AIPlayground-Discussion
[07:58] Ayşegül's favorite extensions
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Azure Cognitive DevRel latest links: ​https://aka.ms/DevRel/CognitiveServices 
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Azure Cognitive Services Overview: https://aka.ms/CognitiveServicesOverview
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