Build your cloud operations baseline using Cloud Adoption Framework 

Brian Blanchard joins Sarah Lean to discuss how to build your cloud operations baseline using the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. 
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[00:00] Introduction
[00:56] Why is it important for customers to think about the operations management baseline?
[01:37] Can the new Azure Automanage service help with the operations baseline?
[03:01] Does this operations baseline help you to prepare for and prevent system failures?
[04:11] Let's unpack Inventory and Visibility—what is it and what gets deployed to the Management baseline?
[05:49] What part of the Management baseline addresses compliance needs?
[07:17] How does the baseline address system failures during operations?
[08:33] What can you add to the baseline if workloads require more?
[09:35] Where can I go for information on getting started with the operations baseline?
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