On Prem To The Cloud: Getting Started (Ep 1)

Our customers have been wanting some more basic, getting started material on taking their on prem applications and moving them to the cloud. This video series does just that. Starting with a simple on prem solution, lifting and shifting and slowly evolving the app through it's many stages until it is a 100% cloud native app. Episode 1 will break down the current on prem app and how to plan for the initial migration.

Jump To:

  • [01:49] The migration challenge
  • [02:15] Start small, start with discovery
  • [04:15] A first look at the Mercury Health environment
  • [06:00] Introducing Application Insights Codeless Attach
  • [07:26] Instrumenting IIS for Codeless Attach with PowerShell
  • [10:23] Using the Application Map to visualize connections to other services
  • [12:58] Customizing Application Insights reporting to improve the Application Map
  • [16:28] Another reason to start your migration discovery with Application Insights - performance baselines

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