Hello World: April 2, 2021

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Welcome and News
It's Friday on Hello World and can you believe it we have another great show for you! Today we talked to Elna Sinel & Claire Smyth in the MVP & RD segment, Scott Stanfield returns with 24Hz, Chloe Condon talks to another amazing student, and of course, Diego provides words of wisdom with Diego's wall.
MVP Spotlight
- Want to get involved? https://www.teensinai.com/ 
- Elena Sinel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/elena_sinel 
- Elena's Regional Director bio: https://rd.microsoft.com/en-us/elena-sinel 
Student Ambassador
- Learn more about Microsoft's Global Skills initiative at https://aka.ms/globalskillstopaythebills   
24 Hz
Diego's Wall
- 🤩
The Amazing segments of the day

[00:00] Countdown
[00:20] Welcome and News
[05:11] MVP Spotlight
[10:03] 24 Hz
[15:33] Student Ambassador
[21:17] Diego's Wall
[25:53] Retro of the show