Hello World: April 9, 2021

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Welcome and News
It's Friday on Hello World and can you believe it we have another great show for you! Today we talked to Rochelle Sonnenberg and David Patrick in the MVP/RD Segment, Scott Hanselman and Leslie Xin join us with File New Project, Jen Looper shared with us about the Azure Space Mystery and Chloe Condon has the inside scoop on Imagine Cup Finals for this year!
MVP/RD Spotlight
Rochelle Sonnenberg: https://twitter.com/RochelleSonny 
File New Project
Leslie is active on Twitter at @lesliexin
Azure Space Mystery
Jen Looper - @jenlooper on Twitter
Student Ambassador
Visit ImagineCup.com to learn more about the competition and stay up to date on the World Championship!

[00:00] Countdown
[00:22] Welcome and News
[05:01] MVP/RD Spotlight
[10:23] File New Project
[16:07] Azure Space Mystery
[20:45] Student Ambassador
[26:42] Good Bye