Hello World: March 31, 2021

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Welcome and News
  • Learn Together: Building Apps with Microsoft Graph
  • 14th April - learn TV (APAC + Americas) - https://aka.ms/learntogether 
  • Global Azure 2021 is a 3-day virtual conference with world-class speakers and community leaders as hosts in a live stream. https://globalazure.net! See you on Learn TV! 15th - 17th April
Audience Challenge Review
  • See all the details at: https://aka.ms/helloworldchallenge
Humans of MSFT
A Bit of AI with Henk and Amy
  • Check out 'A Bit of AI with Henk and Amy' every Thursday ⌚ 9:00 BST | 10:00 CET | 13:30 IST | 19:00 AEDT - LINK:  https://www.abitofai.show/
Set up your full Windows Dev Box with Windows Terminal, WSL, VS Code, and PowerToys! - aka.ms/terminalaka.ms/wslaka.ms/vscodeaka.ms/powertoys
Today's brilliant segments

[00:00] Countdown
[00:21] Welcome and News
[05:41] Audience Challenge Review
[11:26] Humans of MSFT
[17:12] A Bit of AI with Henk and Amy
[21:33] WinDevBox
[26:50] Get Together