Az Update Show S01E01

Anthony Bartolo and Thomas Maurer discuss the following weekly Microsoft Azure news.


  • Pre-Requisites to Build a Replica Domain Controller ARM Template 
  • This is the 2nd post in the blog series of 5 posts surrounding building replica domain controllers in Azure. This post focuses on pre-requisites that need to be accounted for before running the ARM Template. The pre-requisites include: Hybrid Connectivity, DNS, Secret Management, IAM and Active Directory Sites and Services
  • Microsoft Azure Unblogged – Microsoft Services (MCS)
  • Thomas had the chance to talk to Annika Maibom (Agile Project Manager) and Michel Luescher (Solutions Architect CTO Office at Microsoft Services) to discuss how to get Azure unblocked with Microsoft Services. Thomas invited Annika and Michel over to the Microsoft Channel 9 studios to have a conversation about the work Microsoft Services is doing to unblock Azure for our customers. The conversation covered various aspects from agile project delivery, internal offering efforts and how Microsoft Services is engaging with customers to kick-start Azure projects.
  • Detecting large-scale cryptocurrency mining attack against Kubernetes clusters
  • Written by Yossi Weizman, a Security Research Software Engineer with the Azure Security Center team, this blog post describes a recent large-scale cryptocurrency mining attack against Kubernetes clusters that was recently discovered by Azure Security Center. The post shares details on what Azure Security Center discovered during the attack and how others can better protect themselves from similar attacks.
  • Exam AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer went live
  • This week the AZ-220 Microsoft Azure IoT Developer exam went live. The exam is designed for Azure IoT Developers who are responsible for the implementation and the coding required to create and maintain the cloud and edge portion of an IoT solution. If you are an Azure IoT Developer, you might want to have a look at the exam to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty certification.

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