Azure Unblogged - Pricing up Azure Files

Join Sarah Lean and Will Gries in this episode of Azure Unblogged as they explore the pricing of Azure Files.  They discuss the various different storage tiers that are available, how to choose the right one for your organization as well as how to optimize your costs.  Will also talks about the newly released Reserved Instances. 


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🔖 Chapters:
0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:33 Welcome to the show Will
0:01:13 Pricing Up Azure File
0:01:41 Storage Tiers
0:03:25 Which tier?
0:04:00 Creating a storage account and tiers
0:05:33 Changing tiers
0:06:28 Choosing the right tier
0:08:10 Case study on optimizing costs
0:10:53 Comparing services
0:16:47 Advice on optimizing costs
0:18:44 Switching tiers and costs
0:20:31 Reserved Instances discount
0:21:38 Reach out to the team
0:21:55 Wrap Up