OPS118 - Deep dive on Onboarding customers into Lighthouse

In this session Archana Balakrishnan (Principal PM, Azure Lighthouse) and Pierre Roman demystify the intricacies of onboarding customers in Azure Lighthouse from a service provider's perspective - soup to nuts.

We will briefly, go over what is Azure Lighthouse and what the onboarding experiences are for both partners and customer. Then, we will dive into the onboarding process itself, and how partners and independent service provider not registered in the Microsoft Partner Program can onboard customers in Azure Lighthouse.

We will look at the ARM Templates methods, and Portal methods using Managed Services Azure Marketplace Offers. Finally, we'll look at governance in onboarding via Azure Lighthouse.


  • IT Ops Talks Hybrid Event: https://aka.ms/ITOpsTalks
  • Azure Lighthouse documentation - https://aka.ms/ops118-Lighthouse
  • Azure Lighthouse in enterprise scenarios - https://aka.ms/ops118-Lighthouse-enterprise
  • How to plan a Managed Service offer - https://aka.ms/ops118-Managed-Service-Lighthouse
  • Onboard a customer to Azure Lighthouse - https://aka.ms/ops118-Lighthouse-Onboarding
  • Microsoft Azure Lighthouse Deployment Samples - https://aka.ms/ops118-Lighthouse-Github

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🔖 Chapters:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:22 Welcome
  • 0:32 Onboarding customers into Azure Lighthouse
  • 2:03 Azure Lighthouse from customer and service provider experience
  • 2:35 Getting started
  • 3:30 Managing customers hybrid IT environment
  • 5:42 Azure Lighthouse the Customer Story
  • 6:10 Demo: End experience for customers
  • 13:51 Demo: End experience for partners
  • 18:30 Demo: Authoring experience for partners - Azure Marketplace
  • 30:02 Demo: Authoring experience for partners - ARM Templates
  • 54:53 Demo: Applying built-in policies to govern onboarding via Azure Lighthouse
  • 1:01:00 Resources
  • 1:02:00 Wrap Up