The .lastevent command displays the most recent exception or event that occurred.

The default debugger context is automatically set to the TID specified.

To change the context manually, use the TID as an index: ~~[TID]s

Microsoft Docs:

 The following are displayed:

  • The Process Identifier (PID) in hex (e.g. 5704)
  • The Thread Identifier (TID) in hex (e.g. 4f7c)
  • The Exception Code's description
  • The Exception Code in hex (e.g. c0000409)
  • The Time of the event

0:000> .lastevent
Last event: 5704.4f7c: Security check failure or stack buffer overrun - code c0000409 (first/second chance not available)
debugger time: Thu Jul 13 17:46:27.824 2017 (UTC - 7:00)