VISEO’s solutions for visualizing drone data in IoT apps

with Olivier Bloch

Learn how VISEO (aka.ms/iotshow/viseo) is analyzing large amounts of data (1 GB to 1 TB) collected from drones and other vehicles flying over 32,000 km of railway tracks in France for Altametris, a subsidiary of SNCF Réseau. VISEO's Vincent Thavonekham, Head of Smart Factory, and Igor Leontiev, Chief Cloud Solution Architect, show three demos in this amazing episode. Vincent and Igor demonstrate how VISEO processes 42 billion laser dots and other data collected from 450 km of railroad tracks from Paris to Lyon with VISEO's custom data model and Azure IoT Edge. Data at the edge is now prepared for upload to the Cloud in days instead of weeks. From the Cloud, Altametris analyzes the data to track and maintain its railroad assets remotely reducing expenses and increasing safety. In the second demo, VISEO demonstrates how they enable Altametris to view the welds and bolts on a bridge using special photographic processing on data collected from a drone. Using automation enables Altametris to avoid sending a team to the bridge for preventative maintenance  increasing safety and decreasing costs. Thirdly, Vincent and Igor demo dynamic visualization. How tall will a tree growing under the railway be in 20 years and will it create a safety hazard? VISEO's solution answers this question for Altametris.

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