uStream – Handling big amounts of data on MCUs

with Olivier Bloch

Hey embedded developers, ever tried to transfer 1M of data when your IoT device has only 2K of RAM? Then this IoT show is for you! (aka.ms/iotshow/ulib) Marcos Perez Mokarzel and Dane Walton, Software Developers on the Azure Device SDK team, appear in this episode to talk about the uStream library, written in the C language. uStream is an Azure utility library for embedded and constrained devices. It enables developers to expose and use large amounts of data without the need for large amounts of memory. Marcos gives an overview of the constrained memory use cases that IoT device developers face and Dane steps through how the uStream library solves these issues. Dane presents a system level overview of the uStream library and demos ustream_read(), ustream_clone(), and more . Embedded IoT developers, make your life easier. Start using uStream today at aka.ms/iotshow/ulib.

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