Securing Services with MSAL

It's common for web, desktop, or even mobile applications to require access to protected resources in their environment. This may be custom Web APIs, Microsoft Graph or some other third-party service.

In the episode, Principal PM Kyle Marsh joins Christos to give us a better understanding on how we can use Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) to secure our daemon services with the OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow.

  • [01:07] - What is MSAL?
  • [02:26] - How does MSAL compare to ADAL?
  • [05:07] - MSAL Language support
  • [05:44] - What is the definition of a service?
  • [07:55] - Granting access scopes and permissions to a service
  • [15:07] - Differences with other app types and dynamic scopes
  • [17:17] - MSAL demo


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