The Architecture behind the nopCommerce eCommerce Platform

nopCommerce is a mature eCommerce platform build on ASP.NET Core. Originally, it was built on Web Forms and over the years it moved to Mvc and now too ASP.NET Core.

In this episode, John Baluka joins Christos to give us an interesting look at the architecture of nopCommerce. They dive into topics such as validation, dependency injection, object mapping, data access and much more.

  • [00:37] - What is nopCommerce?
  • [04:05] - What's nopCommerce built on?
  • [07:12] - Exploring the architecture
  • [15:19] - Preparing for .NET Core
  • [18:00] - Exploring the business logic components
  • [26:25] - Data access with Entity Framework Core
  • [35:30] - Reviewing the Plugins and themes


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