Using Vision AI to extract data from complex documents

Watch this episode with @ruthieyakubu and @anantpb on how Instabase is using Vision AI to boost content discoverability and extract data trapped inside complex documents with unmatched quality.  Regardless of input format or desired end-result, Instabase helps businesses handle the most complex document processing workflows.

An exceptional conversation with Anant Bhardwaj, CEO of Instabase, and Kerry Chang, Tech Lead at Instabase who have raise over $131M in funding for their Al platform designed to make computers work for people, empowering people to focus on the meaningful and productive parts of their job.  In this session, we will discuss how the company is using Computer Vision, OCR and on-premise containerize AI to make document processing and discoverability exceptionally efficient for businesses.

👩‍💻 Hands-on learning Resources:
Computer Vision (OCR API):  https://aka.ms/TELearnComputerVisionOCR
Form Recognizer: https://aka.ms/TELearnFormRecognizer
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