Best Visual Studio Code extensions to work for Azure (Part 2)

The challenge was great: do a review of the Best #VisualStudio Code extensions to work for #Azure. In this episode of All Around Azure, Brian Clark is joining me to introduce Visual Studio Code and review the best extension when it's time to code, build, deploy, search "stuff" on Azure.
We will start with the extension included in the extension pack Azure Tools: Azure App Service, Azure Storage, Azure Functions, etc. 

All Around Azure 📺 no.046 - Brian Clark & Frank Boucher


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💡 Learn Module: Develop web applications with Visual Studio Code

🔗 Visual Studio Code: https://code.visualstudio.com/
🔗 VSCode Extension - Azure Tools
🔗 VS Code Extension - Azure App Service
🔗 VS Code Extension - Azure Functions
🔗 VS Code Extension - Azure Databases
🔗 VS Code Extension - Azure Pipelines
🔗 VS Code Extension - Azure Resource Manager
🔗 VS Code Extension - Azure Storage
🔗 VS Code Extension - Azure Static Web Apps

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