Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate

Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate is now available for download. Dmitry Lyalin joins Robert to show a number of new and exciting features in the RC. They show the following in this episode:

  • XAML editor improvements that first appeared for Windows Store apps are now available in WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone projects. These include IntelliSense for data binding, Go To Definition in XAML, IntelliSense for resources, support for code snippets, IntelliSense matching and start / end tag refactoring. [01:00]
  • The Cloud Business Apps template makes it easier to use Visual Studio to build line of business applications that are hosted on Office 365. [07:45]
  • The latest available version of TypeScript tooling is included with this release of Visual Studio. You can add a new TypeScript file to a project and Visual Studio will automatically create the JavaScript for you. [09:00]
  • There are additional refinements to the Visual Studio IDE [14:45]
  • Visual Studio 2013 Preview introduced Browser Link, a way to make changes to Web apps in Visual Studio and immediately see those changes in the browser. The Release Candidate adds the Browser Link Dashboard, which shows you all browsers you are connected to. [15:30]
  • Visual Studio 2013 Preview introduced Peek Definition, which enables you to view definitions inline in the Editor without having to open a new document tab. In the Release Candidate, you window. You can now make changes to code in the Peek Definition Window. [15:30]
  • Visual Studio 2013 Preview introduced CodeLens, which display things like how many times a method is referenced, which unit tests are passing or failing and who last made changes to the code. With the Release Candidate, you can now view these indicators in-line in your code or in the new popup. And if Lync 2010 or later is installed on the same machine, you'll see Lync integration with CodeLens, enabling you to reach out to online colleagues in real-time. [19:00]
  • There are new capabilities in Team Foundation Server 2013 RC and Team Foundation Service. Charts enable you to visually see the results of queries. Features provide a way to categorize backlog items. [26:30]

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