Setting up a Redis cache system

Applies to: Lync Server 2013 | Skype for Business 2015

Redis ( is a fast, light weight, scalable in-memory key-value cache system that you can use for a data store for your Skype for Business SDN Interface implementation

Microsoft Azure offers a Redis service to which you can connect; however, you can also run Redis on Windows ( or on other operating systems. Using the Redis connection string and the configuration file (for example, redis-windows.conf) you can configure to use SSL, active/passive failover, as well as number of other parameters.

In a pool configuration, Skype for Business SDN Interface needs a data store to share call states for concurrently ongoing calls or for configuration settings among multiple SDN Manager instances, which can be a Redis No-SQL key-value store.


Redis must be set up and running when SDN Manager is installed in Redis mode to prevent errors during service startup. The setup will not verify this. It is recommended setting up the connection to the Redis datastore using a TLS connection as well as using a Redis password for encrypting the database. This Redis Password and other connection parameters can be specified during the setup and in the SDNManager.exe.config file. Further info can be found at Configuration. In enterprise deployments, we recommend using the Azure Redis Service or a dedicated cluster of a primary and a secondary Redis server using Redis Sentinels for managing fail-over behavior. Alternatively, depending on the load pattern, Redis may also be co-located on SDN Manager servers.

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