Web links

Web links are the key to resource navigation in UCWA 2.0.

Applies to: Skype for Business 2015

The response to an HTTP request typically contains one or more web links, which are links to related resources. A web link can have the following attributes:


  • Indicates a relationship to a resource and forms the unit of documentation. For example, the conversation and phoneAudio resources.

  • The most common values are self and next.

  • Can be versioned (for future use).


  • Points to the HTTP URL of the resource. Can be relative or absolute.


  • Provides additional data in the link, such as DisplayName of a participant or audio source ID. Most resources do not have this attribute in their web links.

JSON examples

 "conversation": {
 "href": "/ucwa/oauth/v1/applications/101246165550/communication/conversations/7c5c",
 "participant": {
 "href": "/ucwa/oauth/v1/applications/101246165550/communication/conversations/7c5c/participants/johndoe@contoso.com",
 "title": "John Doe"

XML examples

<link rel="conversation" href="/ucwa/oauth/v1/applications/101246165550/communication/conversations/7c5c/" />
<link rel="participant" href="/ucwa/oauth/v1/applications/101246165550/communication/conversations/7c5c/participants/johndoe@contoso.com" title="John Doe" />