Hold/Resume a P2P Audio Conversation

Applies to: Skype for Business 2015

Starting an audio conversation

For detailed instructions see, Outgoing P2P Audio

The application object exposes a conversationsManager object which we can use to create new conversations by calling getConversation(...) and providing a SIP URI.

Once you have a conversation, you can start audio by calling conversation.audioservice.start().

    conversation = conversationsManager.getConversation('sip:xxx');
        conversation.selfParticipant.audio.state.when('Connected', function () {
            // Audio service connected
        conversation.participants.added(function (person) {
            // Remote participant joined call
        conversation.state.changed(function (newValue, reason, oldValue) {
            if (newValue === 'Connected') {
                // Conversation connected
            if (newValue === 'Disconnected' && (oldValue === 'Connected' || oldValue === 'Connecting')) {
                // Conversation disconnected
        conversation.audioService.start().then(null, function (error) {
            // Error while starting audioService

Hold/Resume within an audio conversation

Putting the call on hold will put the existing audio call into an inactive state while leaving the actual audio modality connected. No audio will flow in or out, but the audio can be easily resumed without having to totally restart the modality.

To put a call on hold, simply call selfParticipant.audio.isOnHold(true). Note that the states of the audioService and the conversation will remain 'Connected.'

Resume the audio call by calling selfParticipant.audio.isOnHold(false). This will put the audio modality back into an active state.

    function holdResumeCall() {
        var selfParticipant = conversation.selfParticipant;
        var audio = selfParticipant.audio;
        var onHold = audio.isOnHold();
        if (!onHold) {
            // Put call on hold
            audio.isOnHold.set(true).then(function () {
                // Call successfully held
            }, function (error) {
                // Error holding call
        else {
            // Resume call that was on hold
            audio.isOnHold.set(false).then(function () {
                // Call successfully resumed
            }, function (error) {
                // Error resuming call