Make changes to Skype Meeting Broadcast settings for your organization


The Microsoft Teams admin center has replaced the Skype for Business admin center (Legacy portal). All settings for managing Skype for Business are now in the Teams admin center. You must be assigned the Azure AD admin role of Global admin or Skype for Business admin to manage Skype for Business features in the Teams admin center. To learn more, see Manage Skype for Business settings in the Microsoft Teams admin center.

You can enable Skype Meeting Broadcast and make changes to settings and policies for those meetings.

  • Enable Skype Meeting Broadcast Enables Skype Meeting Broadcast. After you enable Skype Meeting Broadcast, you need to Set up your network for Skype Meeting Broadcast. Do this step if you want to hold webinars and other broadcasts for people outside of your business.

  • Enable Skype Meeting Broadcast Preview features for my organization The Skype for Business customer programs provide you early access to new products and features. This gives your organization a sneak peek at what's coming and the opportunity to test the new features in your own environment and give feedback before we release product builds to the general public.
    Skype for Business preview

  • Allow organizers to schedule anonymous meetings This lets organizers create broadcast events that allow anyone outside their organization to join without a requirement to sign in.

  • Allow broadcast meetings to be recorded This enables any meetings you have to be recorded by the presenter or organizer.

  • Helpdesk support URL for attendees Enter a link for meeting broadcast attendees to use if they need help connecting or attending a broadcast meeting.

Set up your network for Skype Meeting Broadcast