Step 4: Populate the Details Text Box

To populate the Details text box, create a new subroutine named recFields and insert the following code:

Sub recFields(r As Record, l As ListBox, t As TextBox)  
    Dim f As Field  
    Dim s As Stream  
    Set s = New Stream  
    Dim str As String  

    For Each f In r.Fields  
        l.AddItem f.Name & ": " & f.Value  
    t.Text = ""  
    If r!RESOURCE_CONTENTCLASS = "text/plain" Then  
        s.Open r, adModeRead, adOpenStreamFromRecord  
        str = s.ReadText(1)  
        s.Position = 0  
        If Asc(Mid(str, 1, 1)) = 63 Then '//63 = "?"  
            s.Charset = "ascii"  
            s.Type = adTypeText  
        End If  
        t.Text = s.ReadText(adReadAll)  
    End If  
End Sub

This code populates lstDetails with the fields and values of the simple record passed to recFields. If the resource is a text file, a text Stream is opened from the resource record. The code determines whether the character set is ASCII and copies the Stream contents into txtDetails.

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